About Reel Media
Reel Media is an American-born entertainment, film, television, sports, motorsports and leisure Managing General Agent with offices located in California, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Nebraska. We offer innovative and competitive commercial insurance products representing strategic alliances with both admitted and surplus lines markets.

Whether your clients make movies or television shows, promote and organize sporting events, concerts or festivals, perform or provide equipment to live events, or hold special events we know that insurance protection of their business requires expertise. Our expert underwriters can help provide an effective insurance solution to meet your clients' needs.

Who We Cover
Touring Entertainers and Performers
Shell Corporations
DICE Producers
Motion Picture Studios and Independent Film Producers
Television Producers
Animation Houses
Event Promoters and Producers
Special Events
Advertising Agencies
Performing Arts and Theatres
Equipment/Prop Rental Houses
Post-Production Facilities
Event Production Services
Recording Studios
Hospitality & Leisure
Family Entertainment Centers
Concessioners, Exhibitors and Vendors
Sports Teams, Leagues and Associations
TULIPs and Band Wrap-Up

Film Production Package
Television Production Package
DICE Production Package
Exclusion and Deductible Buy-backs
Excess Coverage
Production and Distribution E & O
Theatrical Production Package
Commercial General Liability
Commercial Excess and Commercial Umbrella Liability Insurance
Automobile Insurance
Workers' Compensation
Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial Inland Marine and Floaters
Off Track and Storage
International Liability Packages
Non-Appearance and Event Cancellation
Weather Insurance
Prize Indemnity/Hole-In-One
Contractual Bonus
Guild Travel/Accident
Key-Person Disability and Death
Participant Accident and Medical
K – 12 Accident
Intercollegiate Sports Accident

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